about me

I’m an experienced Domina

Welcome to my submission

I am an experienced Dominatrix, a Russian beauty who speaks fluent English. And I
welcome you in my submission. Now you will know what true and elegant
submission is.
My large experience comes from over 8 years in BDSM practices. I am a stunning,
tall and intelligent Russian dominatrix with a good education who can support any
topic of conversation. However, you will have to earn the permission to talk to me.
I love traveling, so you can have the best session in your life by taking me to your
city or country, or organizing a meeting with me somewhere in an exotic place. You
will be allowed to choose the direction and pay for my flight. I fly exclusively first оr
business class; you also must pay me once we meet.
You will have to meet me at the airport or send a driver. After the session, we can
visit museums, theaters or art exhibitions. I can covertly dominate you in public
places or provide you with round-the-clock domination.
You can make me a pleasant surprise by gifting jewelry. I wear exclusively gold.
Gemstones – diamonds and sapphires. We can go to a boutique together, where you
will buy me linen, a dress or new shoes. I will put on any of this for the session. You
can also buy me a gift card at HoneyBirdette, Tom Ford Black Orchid or Tom Ford
Plum Moet fragrances, Moet, Dom Perignon or Crystal champagne. Another way to
thank me is with cash.
You can tell me all about your deepest fantasies and desires. Let me know your
preferences and taboos, the number of days and the entertainment program. Then
buy me a first class plane ticket – business class is also suitable if there is no first
class. I will bring some device, of which I have more than enough. I have underwear,
suits made of leather and latex that sit perfectly on me.
Sex with me is prohibited, but I can take a girl or two with me. One of them is a
dominatrix, the other one is a switch. You must pay for their tickets and provide
accommodation in a five-star hotel, same way as for me.
To meet me, you must fill out a questionnaire by clicking on the “book a session”
button. Once you fill out the questionnaire, I will read it and give you the
Skype/Whatsapp/Telegram contact. Once everything is arranged, we can have a
video call.
I value my safety, so in order to meet you, I need a link to a complete LinkedIn
profile, your photo, a selfie with a passport or driver’s license, as well as a 50%
deposit, confirmation of the plane and hotel reservations.
My practices are vary from light to hardcore.

Here are some of them:

Household domination
Financial domination
Strapon (different sizes)
Golden Rain
Orgasm denial/torture
Human Furniture: Table, Chair, Foot Rest
Cock and Ball Torture
Breath Play
Playful Wrestling
Nipple Torture / Tickle Torture
Worship: Boot, Heel, Stocking & Foot, Massage, Back, Legs
Sensory Deprivation
Pet Play: Horse, Dog or Cat
Cocksucking/Forced Bi
Crossdressing / Feminization
Orgasm denial/torture
Domestic Service
Face Sitting & Smothering (clothed)
Human Ashtray/Smoking Fetish
Role play: MD/lb, Doctor/patient, Teacher/student
There are only two exeptions: sex and copro


You can give me one of these gifts

You can buy a gift card

You can buy a gift card online. Than I will choose lingerie for me.

You can present to me jewellery

I'm wearing white and yellow gold, diamonds and sapphire.

We can go shopping together

You will carry and pay all my purchases.


What rules should you follow when meeting me

I agree with you my free time

We need to arrange a meeting time. I have many naughty clients and the time of your punishment must be agreed in advance. Here you can also ask questions.

You must book a plane ticket I fly only business or first class.

You must pay all travel expenses. You have to meet me at the airport or send a driver. Also send to me your profile of Linkedin, selfie with your documents pasport or driving liecence. It needs for my security, because I don’t know you yet. Your personal information will be safe. Needs for me only.

We agree on the place of our meeting

The place of our meeting can be in your country, or at my place, or we can go somewhere together. In any case, I have many toys and dresses that I can take with me.

If you want to meet at the hotel

This must be a hotel with a minimum of 4 stars. Bar and service at your expense.